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"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” — Sun Tzu

Product Strategy & Planning Consulting

Missed opportunity. It happens when we over-analyze and move too slow. It also happens when we try to move too fast. Great product strategy and planning consume time and resources but also enable businesses to move faster. Great planning maximizes long-term growth, aligns resources, and improves likelihood of product & market success.

Deacon Lloyd helps businesses create robust, realistic & effective product strategies, plans and roadmaps that optimize investment while coherently supporting corporate objectives. We will: 1) help improve planning processes and outputs; and 2) work with your team to develop their actual strategies and plans. Given that most product and marketing teams already have too much on their day-to-day plates, clients value our ability to accelerate output that provides hefty short- and long-term rewards. We help with:

Align with Corporate Strategy Corporate & Product Market Strategy

Product goals & strategies are a waste of time. Unless of course, they actually provide clarity on how the product will help the business execute its strategies and achieve its goals. Articulate, cogent product vision & strategies can be challenging to create but provide much-needed coherence and guidance for the product planning process.

Our consultants help organizations craft goals & strategies that clearly communicate how the products will help the business address its targeted near- & long-term opportunities.

Adjusting Product Strategy Product Planning

Comprehensive, credible product plans are fundamental to product management. They assess product and market opportunities and communicate the plan for addressing them. Yet, product planning is often tedious and requires more time and energy than product managers feel they can afford.

Our consultants lighten the load by: a) helping establish product planning processes tailored to the business; b) developing plan templates that communicate the critical information; and c) rolling up our sleeves to help product managers complete their plans.

Product Roadmaps Product & Portfolio Roadmaps

Product and portfolio roadmaps essentially chart the product vision by depicting a schedule of prioritized product initiatives over the planning horizon (5+ years.) The best ones tie with marketing & technology roadmaps to ensure coordinated effort and recognition of dependencies.

Great roadmaps are an excellent tool for guiding and preparing resources for a view of what is coming. Deacon Lloyd consultants help with both the process for developing roadmaps as well as crafting the resulting output.

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